About Qi Spirit

Qispirit.com was conceived of in order to spread the good word of Classical Chinese Medicine. Although the medicine is very old it is still new to this country. People have many misconceptions about acupuncture and herbal medicine. Some of our pages will hopefully answer your questions in a general way. We also have links to more extensive CCM web pages, as well as links concerning education, and licensing. For more specific questions pertaining to yourself and CCM please visit Ask the Acuputurist and send us a question directly. Thank you for visiting qispirit.com.

This website represents the practice of Mari and James MacLean. We are both New York State licensed acupuncturists and run a general medicine clinic in New York City. We employ all of the basic tools of Classical Chinese medicine as well as a few others. Typically an initial appointment will consist of an extensive medical intake followed by treatment, which together last about one and one half hours. Follow-up appointments usually last about an hour. Depending on the condition of the patient and the strength of the pathology, treatment cycles will vary from just a few treatments to potentially long term. We understand that most people are unfamiliar with Classical Chinese Medicine so we are always eager to talk about what we do. We can be contacted by phone or by email.

Peace, Love and Happiness,

James and Mari MacLean