CCM believes that there is universal life energy called Qi in every living creature.  It circulates throughout the body along specific pathways nourishing organs and tissues.  Acupuncture points are where the Qi surfaces on the skin along these pathways. Good health depends on the smooth flow of Qi.  When the flow is blocked, the system is disrupted, and illness is generated.

By inserting very fine needles, acupuncture stimulates Qi, unblocking the energy.  Research has discovered that the acupuncture points show a variety of unique bioelectrical properties, and that stimulating them causes definite physiological reactions affecting brain activity, blood pressure, heart rate and the immune system. Only disposable needles are used in our office. The insertion of acupuncture needles produces little or no sensation.   When the needle makes contact with Qi, there can be a tingling feeling.

Treatment length and frequency depend both on the patient and their presenting condition. Typically patients will be seen on a weekly basis throughout the treatment protocol.